Training tellersWorking with the Credit Union is not kids' stuff. Here we are training our tellers how to organise deposits from members.

First of all the member hands over their book with their deposit form.

One teller checks the deposit form and then fills in the correct amount in the book.

The second teller checks that the deposit is logged against the member's account. Tellers have to be very careful that they write in the correct numbers in the correct places. Digits have to be very clear and there can be no mistakes.

Training tellersNext the total number of deposits are checked against the total number of forms. Once this is complete, the amount of money and cheques are checked against the total amount of money in the money box.

Training tellers




As this is a training exercise, there are lots of people watching. However, when our branch opens, there will only be two tellers and a long queue.

Training tellers

The deposit form is quite complicated, therefore our security team intend helping the younger members fill in their forms.

It is quite a tricky process and we have to make sure everyone knows what they are doing. This is a real bank and we must make sure our members' money is safe.