Under our feet

Have you ever wondered what is under our feet? Primary 7 certainly have.the sun

As part of their study of the earth and its planets, Primary 7 have been making some models of the earth beneath our feet.



4500 million years ago the earth was mostly a molten planet. Light substances floated up to the surface where they cooled and hardened. The earth gradually gained a skin of solid rock. We call this the earth's crust.


We followed our instruction manual and made some realistic models of the earth's inner layers.



 earth's crust


The earth's crust is constantly changing. If you want to know more about what happens when the earth's crust moves Click here.





earth crust




Our Earth is made up from many layers. The layers deep within the earth's crust are made of heavier materials which are hotter, thicker and squashed together much more than  the outer layers.








earth crust


This P7 has the whole world in his hands. Be careful with it.








finished models


Our finished models can be admired in the science room. Compliments are most welcome.:)