Word Study


Word Study
Our class works on the same aspect of spelling each week with one group focusing on slightly more challenging words than the other. We call these aspects ‘handy hints’. Our class programme then continues ;
Monday; general class discussion to establish which aspect of spelling we are concentrating on each week. Pupils are given time to write their words into their homework jotter. Each night pupils are expected to revise the words with a suitable adult. Written sentences are not required as this is done during class time.
Tuesday; each group is given a lesson by the teacher. As a follow up pupils choose from a list of activities which include;
  • writing five sentences to show the meaning of the word
  • finding 3 synonyms for five words
  • exploring the word family- LIGHT = delight, delighted, delighting, lighting, lighten, lightening, lightning etc.
  • Working with a partner, challenging each other how to spell words
  • Writing each word three times
Wednesday; follows the same pattern as Tuesday
Friday; Word Study review
How do we teach spelling?
Look, say, cover, write, check- This is a well tried and respected method of encouraging pupils to learn how to spell.
Pupils look closely at the word, identifying syllables, previously learned phonic rules, prefixes, suffixes etc.
Pupils say (repeat) the letters three times.
Pupils coverthe word and repeat it aloud.
Pupils write the word and checkthat it is spelled correctly.
Word Study activities to try at home;